news about smart phone harm smartphones and mental health.

Experts have said that increase in the use of smartphone increases the complexity of neck and spinal cord in new generation.Which is very worried. Researchers say that the number of patients suffering from difficulty in the neck and spinal cord in hospitals is increasing. However, it is a matter of concern that the number of people suffering from these problems consists of young people.
Smartphones and health

Experts were more investigative to find out more about the use of the newsmart phone and spinal cord / neck, so that people who are walking and going to sit, are always accustomed to using a smartphone. For the purpose, your neck is to be kept tightly in a special way. 
And if they are sitting, they usually have to bow down to read or send text messages, which also occur in their spinal cord, especially for a long time, if the same chain remains longer for a long time. they can have severe pain in the spinal cord and neck.
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