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Ain Stein said that " technology will make man fool ". The use of increasing technology has
reached its rise in the past few years. We can name the technology in the simple language
technology or the art of words inside Widespread meaning is switched, the human being is
related to the word when it learned to convert natural means and resources into simple tools.
Early ago, I have to invent the way to fire manicure and any other thing is the earliest examples
of advanced technique through a round stone.

In today's era innovation of new technologies is increasing rapidly. The growing technology is
going forward, there is a perception behind the human being, which has changed the ideology
of the world and human beings completely. If seen, man invented all the modern technologies
for his own good, but ! In its effort, some technologies have also been invented, which can
harm the entire world as well as the ability to erase the entire humanity.In the same way, new
technologies have become very common in every small thing. And today's humanity has
become so accustomed to these technologies that they feel strange without it.

Today's children were born in the era of smartphones, mobile, internet and technology, the
generation that is born after 1990 is the production of this technology. Bill Gates says , "
The correct use of the computer is 20 % worldwide ." " Stephen Hague says ," Computer is a
bunch of fools, not its own minds like bugs, it has a human mind, which feeds it will get the
feedback. " See China or look at Korea, so they stand in a developed row. Pakistan does not
stand in human or technological development, it seems that it is usually affected by nissan.
What technology is making us mindful

In this age of technology, man is left behind said, is being urged ayduanysmnt (promotion) of
the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, rather than technological one, Pakistan is a nuclear
power, but also poverty so that is the Half population of the country is inferiority and problems
that do not necessarily lead to basic necessity, and still our focus is not public, but metro
trains and automotives. -

It is necessary that in keeping with increasing technologies, man should take care of his work,
dedication, health, problems and resources, so that successful man in his part contributes
himself to his role in society, country by giving himself an important role in any part of the
world. Coins.


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