new technology but need to test before launch it live.
Rohar University, German specialists reviewed several applications, but such an error occurred
in the Whats app.
Rohar University, Germany's latest research, has found a huge mistake in the most popular
Messaging Application Whats app. Despite this error, ordinary people can not avail but this
discovery of an error claims that Android claiming application for injury is a sign of security
on the app's app.  
The error occurred in the Whats app

Under this error, anyone with control over the WhatsApp server can read all the group's
messages by adding a stranger to the group.

During the research, experts have reviewed many messaging applications in this regard,
but such an error has just occurred in the Whats app.
Experts say that due to this error, only those who have control over the wits app server or
in some way gain control.

Regarding Endto and Incorporation, the company claims that users' messages can be read
only to those sent to them. If this claim of the company is correct, this research has shown
that the " rigging " You can read group chat groups hacking the company or server.



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