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Sometimes your Facebook account get block by Facebook team because due to your irregular activity or detected you as robot so your account remain lock for some time period until you not confirm your identify. Or not complete security check by Facebook team. When your account locked then you have following some option to recover it you may be upload your Govt card , date of birth day card , student card or gym card which show your real identity or you have to complete photo verification process.


When you upload your Govt id to verify your account your name may be different from your Facebook profile because you are not using same name on your account. So after verification of your account your Facebook name changed but you want your old good looking name and you can’t even change it because you have to wait 60 days for it. But who has time for this

Here you are going to learn how to change your Facebook name after verifying your account.
  • Go to Facebook Setting page.
  • Click on password field.
  • Change your account password.
  • Save it and it will show a message box logout from all devices.
  • After that a verification process you will see. In which fb show you all recent changes which happened to your account if you don’t recognize these changes then change it to old one or remove it.
  • Here you will see your old name which is changed recently set it to old and save it.
  • Congratulation your name change successfully.

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