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Using Facebook sometimes your account get locked by Facebook team. It is due to many reason your account may be blocked by due to irregular activity or you are doing spamming on Facebook. Your Facebook account block by Facebook team and to unlock it you have to identify your friend’s photos after successful verification of your friend’s photos your account opened. To get protect from this problem you should completely fill your profile information. Upload your real profile picture, fill your city name, your school information, and your birthday. and don’t login on to multiple devices for example if you are using Facebook and you send your id and password to your friend  who live on other country or city then your account 80% chances to get blocked.
This is the simple trick how you can unlock or bypass photo verification of your famous account if you can’t identify your friend’s photos because you have 5000 friends and you just randomly added to every one without knowing them. 
bypass photoverification
This is simple trick how you can get rid of this problem.
  • First go to you Facebook login page.
  • Enter your id password information
  • Enter security code and click ok.
  • You will see your friend’s photos to identify.
  • Logout your account.
  • Add Hola extension to your browser.
  • After installing go to this Facebook page.
  • Browse your hola extension to japan.
  • Enter your id and password
  • Fill security code and click ok.
  • It will ask you to type birth day date of your account enter it or it will say add your phone number and type phone code in it which is send to your phone.
  • Fill this information and click ok.
  • Change your account password and click ok.
  • Your account successfully opened. Congratulation.

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