About the Author
Hi, it’s me Mohsin Shoukat .I’m student of BS Computer Science live in Faisalabad. Love computer related information and addicted to internet. Love watching movies, playing games and learning new stuff.
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  • Tutorial
  • Facebook tricks and tips
  • Computer software and uses
  • Study material for CS Student
  • Entertainment
  • Make money from internet

My Projects
T-HUB Payroll
It's Payroll System where daily work activity of employee record .
Main Functionality:
  • Time in/Out Of Employee.
  • Record Absent, Leaves.
  • Calculate Dedication, late coming , early Going from work.
  • Breaks of Employee monitoring.
  • Calling Meeting.
  • Request for Leave, Change Time Schedule.
  • Salary Generate,Over time calculation, Announcement, Permutation of employee, Upgrade Employee rank.
  • Year Bonus, Department Reports, Work Activity Reports.
  • Complaint Monitoring, On Going work Issue ...
Technowise360 STORE
It's Online MLM Store System, with senior developer we work as team to complete this project, where end user can buy things, create it's network get reward against referrals, can buy membership and products against it's earning point, withdraw money.
Main Functionality:
  • Rewards, membership, Complete Store Requirement( order receive their status)
  • Inventory Management.
It's Online MLM Membership System, as a team member i work on it as front-end and backend developr to complete this project.
Main Functionality:
  • Online Bank Account (E-Wallet).
  • User Referral Tree, Rewards, Promotion, Bonus.
Largest Textile Market Place for textile manufacturer for buy and sale.
Main Functionality:
  • User/ Manufacture Can Post Textile ads for buy and sale.
  • Create its Company Profile.
  • Feature ads panel.
  • Admin can handle site ads, ban user.
Property Classified
Sale your Properties online on
Main Functionality:
  • List of properties on google map.
  • Search filter result of ad with accurate postion and distance to your current location.
  • Feature ads to sale your properties faster.
  • Admin can handle site ads, ban user.
  • SMS VERIFICATION owww.youtube.com/embed/lhyTBZ4-aeo" width="560">
Facebook Reaction/Comment Bot
Active bot on your facebook account to automate your activity on fb. Bot Instantly comment or give reaction( Like, waoo, Love, Cry) to your friend post when they share to fb.
Main Functionality:
  • Different Comment to post after regular interval.
  • Get 99 Fb Request and so much fb inbox.
  • Handling of cronjobs.
  • Reaction to fb post.
  • Offline working of bot.

Studyofcs.com ( My OWN Project)
My personal website to post new technology and tricks stuff to internet.
Check it out it traffic and rank on alexa. Impression , click, page views.

Our Main Goal
Purpose of Launching CS Study is to provide the user to latest information and share our knowledge to other. Helping others by providing tutorial and study material .CS student get bored by their daily routine work so in site you can also get entertainment stuff. I basically inspired from many people who start doing blogging and now they are master in their field. CS Study wants to help other by sharing content how you can use internet benefit ally to earn money.
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