Normally we need to install multiple app to opooen mutliple file extension but installing hundred of app for hundred of files will let your pc slow . so did you ever thought for a software which plays a role of all rounder part for all types of application ?

Suppose we have a PSD file from our designer but we have not photoshop install then at ,we must have download AdobePhotoshop and install it.
So this tutorial well help you in each and every file opening tasks without any long procedure and main part is without paying a single money.

List of Supported file TYPES:

Code file(.vab   .c  .cs  .java  .php  .sql)
webpages (.html  .htm  .srt)
image (.psd .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .tif .tiff)
xml (.xml .xps)
powerpoint(pptx .pps .ppt)
Media(.avi  .flv  .mid  .mkv .mp3 .mp4 .mpeg .mpg)
Microsoft Word Douments(.doc .docx)
Raw Images  , Icons ,Torrent ,Archives , Micorsoft Excel Dounment . Outlook Message,PDF

To Download It Click Here 

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