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Facebook is social network where people connect with each other and share their daily updates, memories to each other.
Af group of friends want to share their company work and pictures only to each other.
So they create group on Facebook and communicate their.
Adding members in group with one Click
Adding Members in Group 

Their ore Many of groups of different types likes funny , chatting , editing ,Study or any other for personal which you can join to interact with more people.
We can also make a big community on Facebook like social worker party or sharing your business services and number of members of these groups are in 1,000,000.
See this example it is a Youngistan Group of member 1,027,048.
Facebook Group Member

SO the question is that how they make so much big group and how they add these member? It’s too much tuff job.
For this we have Social Toolkit which allow us to add our friend in group at just one click.

How to Add Members in Groups in One Click

  • Add Facebook Soical Toolkit To Your Browser(Googe Chrome , Torch etc).
  • First of all you join the group in which you want to add member.
  • Open the joined group.
  • Right click on group and click on view page source

Adding Member in Group Tutorial

  • On view page source search for the group_id 
        You will find the group id like this 755524514556940
how to add members in facebook group in one click

  • Copy this ID.
  • Launch the social toolkit
  • Wait for the message box to show
  • Click ok and then click on invite member into your group

  • Paste your group id 755524514556940 and below box type 3 and click invite your friends

  • Your friends start adding automatically, Congratulation!


  • Automatically adding members 
  • Automatically adding your all friends at one click 
  • Add all of your friends in group without one by one.
  • Fast and easy to add.
  • No script required.

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