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Facebook is social network where people love to become famous by getting more likes and comments from friends
you exchange likes between friends ,you like your friends dp and they likes yours and you start getting more likes , more you have friends more you get likes
But there is one problem. Facebook allow only 5000 friends to add on your timeline , when you reach at 5000 Friends list and get like by everyone you become stuck at your likes and your likes are not increase
On the other hand, when so many unliker and inactive friends added to your time, you want to clear your friend list so that you can add new friends and get high ranking between friends.

What is Mean by Clear List?

Clear list mean you want to delete or unfriends all of your inactive Facebook friends and wants to add new friends.
So here is is easy method how to clear you list
If you are using computer or laptop then you can unfriends all of your 5000 friends just in few minutes only at one click!!!

How to Clear List?

Step 1: Login into google chrome browser
Step 2: Add this Extension by clicking here

Step 3: Navigate to
Step 4: Launch the Extension by Clicking on Facebook social toolkit logo upper right corner

Step 5: Wait until you get this message! Your Friend list Extraction complete.

Note: if you have 5000 friends it can take more than 3-5 mints, otherwise just in 2-3 mints.
Step 5: Click on unfriend all Facebook friends
Step 6: Click on ok box, and answer the question 3+5 in alert box

Step 7: Your Friend start removing automatically Enjoy

Watch This Video if you did not understand the method.
YouTube Video
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