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Now a day’s Young generation become so much happy when they get so much likes and comments on their Facebook profile picture or post. So for this purpose become famous on Facebook they activate bot comments on their profile, which are stylish comments automatically post to your friends post. 
powered by bot comments on fb
More your comments on someone profile more you famous and more you get friend request. To active personal comments on your profile like this type of comments                   
                                 Personal powered by bot comments

all you first need a BOT SITE.

Steps to activate Personal BOT Comments

  • First find any public BOT SITE
  • Then get IOS  token .
  • Paste the token in empty text field and click on submit button .
  • After that you will see this page .

method to activate personal bot comments

  • Change bot emo to bot manual.
  • Change power on to Powered off.
  • Change text via script to text via my script and click save.
  • After clicking on save button you will see an empty text box write your own personal comments like ( Bot On • • ρ0ωєяє∂ ву = Mohsin Shoukat, Stylixh Monda 🌹) this and click on save button

You’re Personal Bot Comments active. Enjoy if you don’t understand watch this video

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