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Using Facebook for a long time a get bored want to create a new account or want to clear all inbox. Sometimes people use Facebook only for time pass purpose and don’t take it seriously they may get their account from their friends or gifted by someone else because many of boys and girls don’t know how to sign up on facebook. So their friends help them and give them an account and start using Facebook, but after some times when you get so much unlike on your friend list and want to clear all you inbox history. And sometimes you want to give account to other user permanently as he/she can use now own self so you first clear you of your conversation but Facebook have not an option from where you can delete all of your inbox at once .
facebook Messages Delete All

So developer make an extension for us to remove all our face book messages at once. Its awesome tool

  • Just click on FacebookMessages Removel and add this extension to your browser by Drag and Drop the file onto Extension Tab.
  • It will show at the top right corner of your browser in Yellow Button
  • Login to your face book account
  • Click on extension button and it will be look like this tab
, empty my facebook inbox

  • Select inbox, other, archive, spam
  • And click on delete button.
  • Wait  a little, open a new tab and refresh it and check inbox it will be start clearing and empty at all after a little bit
  • This extension is develop by khalil-shreateh thank you Sir for this
  • If above method not work for you then use below another extension to clear your face book inbox
  • Another extension which I found on chrome web store is this one
  • Facebook – Delete all Messages
  • Add this to your browser and here you done.
  • FACEBOOK- Delete All Messages


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