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Want to share a folder with your friends but you have data size about to 2 GB can’t upload it on free sites and then share it with your friends because you have slow internet connection and it take too much time . No problem here is the solution you can share files and folder of Gb’z Data with your friends,
UTorrent is perfect for this purpose
how to create torrent

Method: how to share files without uploading it on cloud storage

First Download UTorrent from given below button
software utorrent download

Download and install it
Step : User left double click on "µTorrent"

Step: User left click on "File (menu item)" in "μTorrent User left click on "Create New Torrent... Ctrl+N (menu item)"

Step: Select the folder you want to share with your friend .User left double click             on "Debut (list item)" in "Select a folder"
Step: User left click on "Create (button)" in "Create New Torrent"

Step: User left click on "Save (button)" in "Select where to save the .torrent"
Your torrent created successfully , now double click on it and launch it .it will show on utorrent like this

Send torrent to your friend like on facebook chat or email it, when he/she will launch it on its uTorrent it start downloading and your torrent start seeding.
File downloading started and wait until it reach at 100 % downloading completed. If your pc shutdown or internet cut off then you can resume downloading from same location.
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