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Hello Today I am going to show you that how you can make your free bot with simple beranda.php file.For this you need just only a single file and do not worry it will be a persona bot you can set it to according to your own will.First of all you need to need a file for the bot.To download this file you have to click on the button given below : - 

Now you have to follow the simple steps : 

  • Open the
  • Now you have to sign up here.Use your email to sign up here.
  • Then open the account.
  • Go to the cpanel.
  • Now you have to find the File Manger and click on its icon.
  • Then you have to upload your file.
  • Now you site is ready for the usage.
  • To use the bot you have to take the token !
  • Take HTC Token from here : Token Error Solution
  • Now Select all the token.Just copy the token code.
  • Then edit file named beranda.php .
  • You have to paste you token where it is written "Input Your Token"
  • Then you have to save the file.
  • For personal comments edit the comments down in the file.
  • Now save this file.
  • Just set the cronjobs file. Note please paste the link of your own site in the place of ( yourlink ) .
  • The Bot Will start its working ! Have a fun .
  • Thanks for visiting.

Watch Video Here :


If you have any problem then comment down.We shall try our best to resolve your problem.


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