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If Cron job cron job every Facebook botter now a days searching free cronsite  to active their bot. Cronjob is actually method in which you set a time interval and set a job to execute . And after setting you cron site this task execute again and again for that interval time set by you.
Many of free sites providing cronjob you can google it online or you can use these cron methods 
crondash site method

In this post we are going to teach you how you can set free cron job on you value.php bot comments script file. You don’t have to pay or use any proxy to get access it. Follow the instruction given below,

  • Sign up on website by using email address
  • You can also use temporary email services for this.
  • Sign up on this site by follow registration form your first name you last name enter the user name and password and confirm your account.
  • Login to corn dash site.
  • Enter you cron name for you website to identify it.
  • Type value.php file.
  • Add your bot site url.
  • Set time interval you want to active for it set month , week , day and hour.
  • And click save . you cronjob is Active !.
For more understand watch the video given below.

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