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In those days everyone on Facebook enjoying BOT freely because nowadays HTC Token does not expire on free hosting. And it works for 2, 3 Weeks until your comments are not blocked.
ios token for bot

But HTC app which user use to get their Token is now blocked by Facebook and not accessible, it showing this error when they try to access HTC Token.
So what how to active not bot comment if people have not HTC Token installed on their profile. Old subscribe user can have access to its TOKEN but the new Facebook user or user who have not installed HTC app is stuck here.

ios token for bot

For those how to have HTC Token error problem, they can still use bot while using the alternative token. There is so much alternative token to the active bot but I recommend you to use ios token for bot. which also works best like HTC Token.
So you don’t need to worry allow IOS App to your profile Click Okay and copy the access token from URL of your browser.

Paste your token onto your Bot site hit the submit button and Enjoy using Bot become famous on Facebook or onto someone Heart Choice on you.



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