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Now a days every person on Facebook want to become famous on Facebook and get maximum support by other user to get more and more likes and follower in order to jealous your haters or to want to create a place in someone heart by impressing your profile on Facebook so he/she is using Facebook personal bot on their account.

facebook bot facilcloud
In this post you are going to learn about how you can create your personal bot on facilcloud .This is another post about making bot on different hosting or cloud.

If you can’t succeed to create your own bot by this method you can visit our posts, for problems and queries you can comment below this post.so let’s start with this method.

What things you need to Create bot on Facilcloud ?

An email address you can also use temporary email address
temporary email

A Facebook bot script, you can get this easily Download Facebookbot Script
Cron job to execute your Bot, different method of cronjob are there, with their different execution time minimum 30 second, but if you are using manually cron you can change it to 2 second for faster, see how you can Setcron job manually

Making Bot on Facicloud

  • First of all open this Site    www.facilcloud.com
  • Sign up here by writing your First and second name
  • Email address
  • Your phone number.
  • After clicking signup button check your email address to confirm your email.
  • Upload your script files to cloud.
  • Deploy your script to the cloud to make it executable.
  • Open url of your bot site.
  • Set cronjob by writing yoursite/value.php  in url bar.
  • Login to Facebook get your HTC Token put in your site and Enjoy.

Congratulation your bot start working!



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