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Now a Days on Facebook there is a new trick on Facebook to post comments automatically  on your friends pictures , status , videos which is call BOT.

Everyone on Facebook wants to become famous on Facebook so they create a bot site and maximum comments to other user so they can get more and more request and followers . Create a bot site is simple task.

How To Make Bot on 2Freehosting site Free

Step 1: Signup for on
Step 2: Confirm your email address
Step 3: Download BotScript
Step 4: Upload index , value and picture of Script in Your File manager of hostbuddy account
Step 5: Set the Corn Job
Step 6: Access Token from HTC Token
Step 7: Paste token in Your Working Site box
Step 8: Click Submit and Save
Step 9: Check your Profile Activity log From
Step 10: Your Bot is Working if last posted comment from your profile is match your current time .Enjoy
Step 10: Join Our FacebookBot Site Group

if you can’t understand watch The Complete Tutorial Video in HD how to make Personal Bot Site

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