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What is Bio Gas?

A gas which is produced from animal waste also called methane gas.
The process of producing gas from animal or organic waste is called fermentation.
How to make small biogas plant in home?
First you need animal waste, water, gallons to stores gas and a big gallon to handle animal waste.
See the working model of my bio gas plant
i made it with my friends Hamza , Sharaz and me Mohsin .About 3 weeks we work on this project and at last we succeed this video and enjoy it.

how to make bio gas plant in home

How bio gas plant works?

i put animal waste (shit) with water in one big gallon (blue color) and cover its led, the mixture of animal waste +water decomposes and produce bio gas which is burn able, with the help of pipe I move that gas into other can so I called cylinder (white color)
It take only 24 hour to fill this 5 litter gas cylinder (white gallon).
After next day with the help of pipe I attach it with gas burner and try to burn it. Its 100% working!!
Due to some reason the valve of the pipe are not working that's why gas not burn in this video , but later on next day I test again it’s worked , but I can't record video .
Sorry for bad language. Purpose of this video is to show how bio gas plant work. Thank you for watching.



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