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improve your computer speed
After so many queries from user ,how to make your computer working fast and make your computer performance high, now I’m going to teach you some steps which make your computer / laptop working good.
To make your computer full fresh first of all install a fresh copy of Operating System (window, Mac).
After that before opening any drive download latest avast or any good antivirus from internet explorer and install it after complete installation of antivirus scan your whole computer and clean it with virus.
Download latest version of browser Like Chrome or Torch these are good and simple, efficient browser for browsing and add ad block extension on your browser.
For downloading videos, games, movies, documents, files purpose install internet Must Read:  How to Create a website
Download Cclenersoftware from here and install it, run this software daily or weekly, scan your pc and clean it from temporary UN necessary files which make your computer performs slow with time.
Install all your basic software but don’t install unnecessary software which add automatically to your computer so uncheck the box when you installing software which are not useful later for you and your computer.
Go to my computer properties click on advance system settings then in advance tab , performance area setting uncheck first two row (animated control elements ,animated window when minimize).
Don’t save your browser history, delete it, it takes memory, which effect on your pc performance.

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