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DON’T Give UP, your MIRACLE is ON us WAY. 




I WANT To leave FOoT PRINTS of love 

NEVER Assure that Loud is strong and quiet is weak. 




YOU ARE Not your PAST 

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Well After a long time Mohsin Shoukat is posting again article on Facebook bot, as many people are messaging me Sir how to active bot it’s not working why?

Facebook bot not working commenting

So as far as my knowledge and confirm by my friend Faisal Jan, Facebook Bot is no longer working because they update their security so now we can’t use it.
People who try to active bot at start their bot start commenting on your friends posts but you are detect it as robot which keep commenting on posts so to protect their network they disable your account.
Stay away from Bot so your account remain online, to avoid getting block your account confirm your account by your identity.
This Blog is About Technology Related , Programming Related Solution , Tricks , Computer Science Study , Software , Article , Projects.
php smtp email send code

This is complete working SMTP code how you can send email without server but by using existing server.

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If you mention the World richest persons often do you read or hear that about Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but here we will talk about the richest women in the world who own their own companies or their family Business is worth several million dollars.
richest women

Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and it's the world's most valued assets women history.  Queen Rania's popularity is largely due to the central role played in Education, Health and Social Services for people. Rania also came to know in the name of as best fashion understanding person.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Princess Lalla Salma
The wife of the king of Morocco and the estimated value of these assets is more than $ 2.5 billion, this means that Lalla Salma are daily can easily spend 60 million dollars 9 and that it too big !.
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Princess Lalla Salma

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel
Ameerah Al Taweel not long the only richest Muslim but also a Vice-Chairperson of Al-waleed Bin Talal Foundation. She also widely regarded as the most influential women in the Middle East. Ameerah is wife of Alwaleed bin Talal of Prince Saudi Arabia . The wife of the richest man in the Saudi royal family.

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel

Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani
Sheikha of Qatar is one of the most successful business women. The founders are the property of the Company .She is Chairperson of many companies. Almost she is carrying out their family assets worth an estimated $ 15 billion or even more.
 Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani

Princess Hajah Hafizah Bolkiah
The Queen of Brunei and known throughout as the world for its luxurious lifestyle. You will definitely surprise after came to know that on her royal wedding more than $ 20 million spent.
  Princess Hajah Hafizah Bolkiah

Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed
An active in women's royal athlete in sports world and the overall value of these assets is $ 40 billion. She is the daughter of UAE Prime Minister and Vice President Sheikh Mohammad bin Al-Rashid Maktoum . She also win a silver medal in 2006 Games.

Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed

Sultanah Nur Zahirah
Queen of Malaysia and the wife of king Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and her wife has assets worth more than $ 15 billion. This holds massive popularity of his welfare and now a days she is Vice-Chancellor of Sultan Zainul University.

Sultanah Nur Zahirah

Princess Fathima Kulsum Zohar
Fatima Zohar Kulthum married to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Avdi Al Muhammad.And now she officially become queen. Sheikh Avdi Al Muhammad is regarded as the richest person in the world.
 Sultanah Nur Zahirah

Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser
Richest person Sheikh Hamad her second wife. Mozah is among the most influential women in the world's richest woman.Bint naseer belong to Qator and their assets worth 7 billion euros.

Sultanah Nur Zahirah

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Every company has its own business strategy to earn maximum revenue and to maintain their reputation in the market. As google smart phone so called nexus is working fine in the market and much popular among the people. Market change, things changes, technology change so to compete these updates google launch their new smart phone called google pixel phone.
Google pixel

Google is going to introduce two new smartphones. However a phone sell company in Britain published the images of these phones and features on their first advertisement page by mistakenly.
Although these details from the company      advertisement was removed, but a number of people were taken ad Screenshots.
This time Google named their smart phone Pixel rather than the nexus phone.
pixel google phone

It is first time google set their smart phone names a pixel instead of nexus google phone. Google's new smartphone are pixels and pixel x L.
Feature and Specifications
Google pixel mobile feature
  • According to leaked details Google pixel screen size to 5-inch full HD.
  • The smartphone will be installed 4 GB RAM and a processor 821 Snap dragon.
  • 2770 mAh battery.
  • The phone's front camera and 8-megapixel back camera with 12 megapixel.
  • This smartphone from 32 to 128 GB of storage.
  • Google's second phone smartphone pixel x L with a quad HD screen 5.5 inches.

  • Although the rest will be all the features of Google pixel, however, its battery will be 3450 mAh.
  • Both smartphones will be equipped with Android 7.1 operating system. On both google smart phones backside there will be fingerprint sensor.
  • Google weighs 143 grams, while the large model pixel pixel x L Weight is 168 grams.
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If you want to be safe on Facebook or any other social network then these things you should not post. These factors must keep in mind before posting anything on Facebook or any other website it might be dangerous for you. For your safety and privacy we are giving some guideline that you must read.

Thing carefull on social media

As everyone love to share things among friends and where social media has several advantages, there are also negative aspects and misuse of it. Today, most people share their daily life routines on social media which causes harm to them. Because each person's movements and purchases, as it becomes aware of personal tasks which mean you are violation your own privacy and let other to enter into your house.
If you want to save 5 things we will tell you that you probably never share on Facebook or any social media website.
The First thing keep in mind that do not ever share it on Facebook when you leave and when you return to your home. Because once they know the routine by vandals in the absence of your home they can make any kind of incident which causes money or any other lose. Safety and security first keep in mind.

Second thing never share your information about shopping on any social media, it has to be a measure of your financial status and income. And they know that it is such a valuable thing you have brought home buying and it also cause to increase jealousy between your friends and families.

Third thing do not ever share the place of your presence home hotel or school on social media especially on Facebook. This also may be in trouble so always keep your location mode turn off on social media biggest security for you.
traveling status

On the number four have a look at this before putting anything to share. Well and make sure that after it will not become a source of trouble for you or your family members. Also for your friend safety. They might track your friends through you.

Fifth and last guide for your privacy and security on social media like Facebook , twitter Never mention your relatives, not write your children names on any post, and do not let them tag. 
mention friend

Do not share photos of their children, which makes possible easily to verify their identity via college name, such as a photo taken in school uniform.
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Grandma having fun with a street boy. She is selling a tape in a rocking style.

Grandma doing rape and dancing, boy impress by her and he give money to buy that tape.
Grandma funny

Enjoy Grandma Funny Video 


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Every one love to become famous between people and want to popular on social media like on face book. Getting fame on any social media is not easy until you fully understand it and also know its trick so that you can do something extra which other can’t do. 
cancel friend request

When someone create Facebook account then to increase number of friends they add friends or they find new friends to grow their account in order to increase friend list. To increase your number of friends onto your account instantly you have to send multiply friends request to maximum people. Facebook will suggest you people may you know people on the side bar or to your news feed so that you mutual friends or friends of friends can also meet with you. 
It is very easy to get five thousand friends with in 24 hour but that is little bit risky may be your account become disable due to reason of spamming or you adding friends too fast. If you are sending 100 friends request per minute then you be block by adding more people onto your account. Facebook limit the user they can sent 100 or more request. If other user are not accepting your request the number of sent request will be increased by that limit. And you will be block from that. To regain this feature you have to cancel all sent request from your ID. Otherwise you can’t add more people. To cancel friend request there is not an option from which you can cancel all request with only one click. 
Conventional method by Facebook team to remove request
  • Click on the Facebook page. And hit on find friend button.
  • And then click on view Sent requests.
  • Hoover the mouse on friend Request Sent button and then at the end of the menu box click on cancel request.

old facebook trick to unblock your sent request
  • If you sent more than 200 request then you need to repeat this again and again which is too much time consuming. Of course this is too much difficult.
But here in this post you will learn a quick and easy way to remove all sent request without any extension or without any software or script.
How to cancel friend request on Facebook
If you sent request to people you don’t know and accident click on add friend button then you are at right place to get rid of this problem.
  • Login to your Facebook account on a browser.
  • Follow this image click on it.
  •                          delete sent request
  • Delete all sent request with one click
  • You will see a page written friend name whom you sent request and undo button.
  • To remove or delete that friend simple one click on undo button and you are done.
In this way you can easily and quickly remove all known or unknown request easily 
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What is blue mark id or page?
When you are using Facebook many time on personality or pages you see a verified icon or check icon look like blue badge show their so that does it mean. It mean their account or fan page is personality verified by Facebook team that this is authenticate person. A country president have no time to use their account so people create pages with their names and you also see many duplicate pages of these famous people but these are their followers who are using not originally use by that person.
blue check account
How I can get blue check Account page?
So number of user are increasing day by day and people whether he is real or not submitting large number of request to Facebook team to authenticate their account which is temporary restrict in some country so it’s become difficult for them to get blue badge id or page.
What blue symbol id represent?
Blue symbol on your account represent that you are famous personality with a verified website and authentic real user. This blue mark cause be proud of you.
Here we will teach you how you can get blue mark page or Facebook id you don’t need to worry about that you can easily approve and get this easily by following method.
Method of blue VIP Facebook Page / Account
Login to your Facebook account or page which you want to be verified with blue mark.
Follow this link Blue Symbol Account
In this page you will see a title written Changing Facebook name. With two box first name and last name and after scrolling you will see a menu box Pick one and upload image button.
verify Page

  • In first box write your Account Name for example my name is Mohsin Shoukat so I will write Mohsin
  • In second box write your Last name example Shoukat
  • Now important point ()  copy this symbol and paste in second box
  • Remove the brackets and then it will look like this Shoukat
  • Scroll Down to the page and click on Pick one and select other
    Click on chosen File button and select your Proof. That proof is your identity it may be your Govt card , school card , college card , lice sense or any other which represent you and on that card it is clearly visible your first and second name your date of birth .
  • Make it sure you proof name and your account name same in first and Last name box. Otherwise you can’t get this blue mark id.
  • After uploading your proof click on blue send button.
  • Now wait 36 hour or 72 hour to process your request by Facebook team and after that time your account will be verified with blue mark Icon. Done congratulation. !
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It’s September 2016 and iPhone 7 is realized by Apple Company. Update is now a days the mobile market is at its peak. Competition of Samsung vs Apple is so much. They launching latest and new mobiles with latest technology features with suitable price.
iphone 7 vs samsung galaxy s7

The specification of smart phone mobile is increasing day by day. Back to 2 year we buy a DSL camera with 90,000 Rs with awesome resolution but now this camera quality is available in your smart phone no need to buy such a big camera. More over these smart phone is not only for camera, a lot of feature you can get. Here you are going to read comparison of these smartphone companies Samsung vs Apple.
Samsung galaxy 7 vs iPhone 7

We will compare all of their features and specification with picture vise and at the end choice will be yours which smart phone you should buy. 
Body Comparison
Body of iPhone is made up of Aluminum Unibody
Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and jet black.
Iphone67 is water and dust resistant.
Galaxy s7 body metal-frame, curved glass black
Color: silver, gold, pink gold, black and white.
IP68 water and dust resistant.
iphone 7 body vs sumsung body
Weight in gram of these smart phone
Weight: IPhone 138 g
Weight: Samsung 152 g
galaxy vs iphone weight
Sensor and head phone
Head phone power new touch id Apple pay
Stereo speakers, no head phone jack wireless
Galaxy s7 fingerprint sensor Samsung pay
Heart rate sensor
headphone sumsung vs iphone
Front camera
Galaxy s7 Front camera 5 mp f1.7 with 1440p
IPhone 7 Front camera 7mp f2.2 with 1080p
front camera
Galaxy s7 has 3000 mAh not removable battery
Fast charging with fast wireless charging
IPhone 7 1700-2000 mAh not removable battery
battery power iphone

Back camera
Samsung galaxy s7 has one back camera of 12mp , f1.7 aperture OIS Dual pixel AF
Apple IPhone 7 has 2 back camera one for normal use while other is for HD quality with close zoom just like a DSL camera. 12mp f/1.8 aperture OIS Quad-LED True tone Flash.
back camera

IPhone 7 width, height and depth is
138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
Android galaxy s7 has 142.4 x 69.6x 7.9mm width, height and depth.
iphone 7 dimensions

IPhone 7 1334 x 740 Pixels
326ppi pixel density
Galaxy 2560 x 1440 pixels

576ppi pixel density
iphone 7 screen resolation

Memory war
Apple giving you 32, 128, 256 GB not expandable mobile whereas Samsung giving you 32 GB expandable memory you don’t need to buy whole new mobile just increase memory with microSD Slot.
iphone memory galaxy

Size competition
IPhone 7 led backlit 4.7 inches wide color gamut 3d-Touch
Galaxy s7 super amoled 5.1 inches and it’s always on
iphone vs samsung display
Operation System
Android OS vs6.0.1 Marshmallow Touchwiz UI
IPhone providing their iOS 10 which they later upgrade to IOS 11, or 12
operating system

Price of IPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 7              
Galaxy S7 32GB $649 Approx. (Off contract) and it’s available in market.
IPhone 7 prices 32GB 659$ / 128GB 749Dollar / 256GB 849$
Preorder 9th September and it is available and released on 16th September
price sumsung vs iphone 7
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Typing test is a test from which you can test your typing speed online how fast you are in typing.
This test can be judge by wpm and how much accurate you are in it.

Wpm stand for words per minute, how much words your type during your free typing test.
After completing your fast typing test a result be shown to you in which your score comparison to other, your typed corrected words, how fast you are and how many mistake you done.
typing test

This typing test can be a simple game for kids or some user because it only takes 1 minute to judge you. Check your Free typing test count your score and challenge your friends can they beat you or not.
Play this free online typing game.
This is my score 321 and 64 wpm, let see how good you are!
my typing speed score

Type Your Score in Comment Box !