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Rohar University, German specialists reviewed several applications, but such an error occurred
in the Whats app.
Rohar University, Germany's latest research, has found a huge mistake in the most popular
Messaging Application Whats app. Despite this error, ordinary people can not avail but this
discovery of an error claims that Android claiming application for injury is a sign of security
on the app's app.  
The error occurred in the Whats app

Under this error, anyone with control over the WhatsApp server can read all the group's
messages by adding a stranger to the group.

During the research, experts have reviewed many messaging applications in this regard,
but such an error has just occurred in the Whats app.
Experts say that due to this error, only those who have control over the wits app server or
in some way gain control.

Regarding Endto and Incorporation, the company claims that users' messages can be read
only to those sent to them. If this claim of the company is correct, this research has shown
that the " rigging " You can read group chat groups hacking the company or server.

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Ain Stein said that " technology will make man fool ". The use of increasing technology has
reached its rise in the past few years. We can name the technology in the simple language
technology or the art of words inside Widespread meaning is switched, the human being is
related to the word when it learned to convert natural means and resources into simple tools.
Early ago, I have to invent the way to fire manicure and any other thing is the earliest examples
of advanced technique through a round stone.

In today's era innovation of new technologies is increasing rapidly. The growing technology is
going forward, there is a perception behind the human being, which has changed the ideology
of the world and human beings completely. If seen, man invented all the modern technologies
for his own good, but ! In its effort, some technologies have also been invented, which can
harm the entire world as well as the ability to erase the entire humanity.In the same way, new
technologies have become very common in every small thing. And today's humanity has
become so accustomed to these technologies that they feel strange without it.

Today's children were born in the era of smartphones, mobile, internet and technology, the
generation that is born after 1990 is the production of this technology. Bill Gates says , "
The correct use of the computer is 20 % worldwide ." " Stephen Hague says ," Computer is a
bunch of fools, not its own minds like bugs, it has a human mind, which feeds it will get the
feedback. " See China or look at Korea, so they stand in a developed row. Pakistan does not
stand in human or technological development, it seems that it is usually affected by nissan.
What technology is making us mindful

In this age of technology, man is left behind said, is being urged ayduanysmnt (promotion) of
the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, rather than technological one, Pakistan is a nuclear
power, but also poverty so that is the Half population of the country is inferiority and problems
that do not necessarily lead to basic necessity, and still our focus is not public, but metro
trains and automotives. -

It is necessary that in keeping with increasing technologies, man should take care of his work,
dedication, health, problems and resources, so that successful man in his part contributes
himself to his role in society, country by giving himself an important role in any part of the
world. Coins.
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As The Use Of Facebook Is Increasing Worldwide, The Way Cyber Crime Is Increasing,
Especially Despite The Law In Pakistan, It Is Not Being Used By Facebook And
Computer To Make New Generations More Than Fifty Years. Most People Do Not
Use Computer Smartphones, While The Ones Themselves Are Confessing That 27
Million Fake Facebook Accounts Were Made Last Year , No Action Was Taken
Against Those Using Fraudulent Facebook Accounts. Their Accounts Were Blocked
While The Number Of Fraudulent Accounts Created Due To These Fake Accounts,
The Increase In Cyber-crime Imports Is Increasing Even If The Use Of Facebook
Accounts Is Correct, Not Only The Unemployed People Will Be Easy To Acquire,
But Also The Business Can Be Done By Millions Of Rupees And What Is Going
On Like It Is Being Used For Buying And Selling From Online Booths And Especially
Those Who Are Special For Some Reason Or Special Children Yes, They Can Also
Get Jobs By Using It And Education As Well As Social Media Electronic And There
Is Also An Excellent Source Of Media For People Who Could Not Even Reach Their
Own Through Newspapers And Television,
Damages From The Benefits Of Social Media And Its Misuse

They Now Support Social Media, Including Facebook, Twitter, Watts App, Instagram
And More. Social Media Has Become The World's Powerful Media Since The Use
Of These Resources Puts Its Stand In Front Of The World And Millions Of People
Live In Contact With Each Other, Abuse Of These Sources Instead Of Improving
The Society Harmony Proves New Generation That Is More Active Than Its Own
In It Sector Where Its Excessive Supplements There Is Also Problems For This, Due
To This Mobile And Facebook, People Are Getting Away From Their Families At
Home, While Living In Close Proximity To People Outside The Society Due To
Change In Society Having Often Family Having A Place To Call Your Own Is
Mobile Linked The Falling Due To The Close Relationship It Department Suspicion
Will Bring Revolutionary Changes In The 21st Century, But We Ourselves In Their
Lives We Need To Bring Disassembly So That We Can Use It Wisely And Maximize
The Use Of It. For The Full Understanding Of This Is Important In People, Especially
In Children And Children, Who Do Not Have Much Knowledge About Social Medicine
Or Excessive Awareness About Their Disadvantages, So That They Can Avoid Its
Implications As It Is Very Important. It Has To Be Noted That When Using Facebook,
Wats App And Other Applications Such As Instagram, It Should Be Used Uninterrupted
As A Matter Of Concern Can Make You Suspect Cyber Crime. The Administration
Should Introduce Such Feature Through Which Fake Fees Are Likely To Be Identified
And The Facebook Account Nats Can Not Be Made To Implement The Implementation
Of Cyber Crime Law In Pakistan To Overcome Cyber Crime, By Using Proper Social
Media Media To Eliminate Unemployment From The Country To Develop The Country
And Prosperity. He Is Unable To Make More Than 10 Percent For Various Reasons In
The World That Can Stand On Its Own Feet Using Social Media And What They Earn
Business By Zrmbadlh Millions Of Dollars For Computers Through Social Media And
There Are Millions Of Rupees On Media Media Exchanges, While A Girl Sitting In A
House Like India Is Sitting At Home Gill Media Is Making Up To98 Dollars Via Giant
Media If Pakistan Government Gives Special Attention To This Sector Like Other Sectors,
Pakistan Can Also Progress In This Sector - To Inform The Public About Social Media
In Pakistan. So Domestic Industries Can Also Grow And Women Can Market Their Own
Handheld Craft, Handbags, Shoes, Clothes And Other Household Items By Selling Them.

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New York : One of the best features used in Innovates app used as Innovation and Messenger in the technology world, has been replaced by a button that will allow you to move from video to video call through a button. There is an increase in the world of Whats app technology, which has increased the number of users over time and the number of daily users reaches more than one billion. According to the Independent Reporter, this new feature for the beta version of Android Is. According to the report, if you're calling Watts app voice and want to go to video call, you'll only use one button as soon as you want to get the desired feature.
The Whats App Introduced A New Video Feature

The application will be received if you want to talk to the video call instead of Voice Call, if the person on the other hand approves your request, a video call will begin. Remember that there was no option to move video call during voicemail before, and the call had to be disconnected. In addition to this, the Whats app is a feature that will bring you a feature through which you Chat will also be able to take advantage of video calls, before there is a Wi-Fi call facility on the Whats app. Currently this feature is available to users who have signed up for the Whats app's beta version.  
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Leading American company Apple is accepting calls on the capital investors demand that the company is engaged in developing such features, which help children to help keep them away from the mobile phone such gy.kmpny The feature is being developed that parents will be able to keep their children away from other devices including iPhone, and they will be able to use Smart Devices for a limited time.
Apple is engaged in refusing

 Apple made this statement on January 6 by its investors. after the demand continues kya.aypl the investment companies 'Yana partners and California State teachers' (kylstrs) c Jan 6 Amb had written an online open letter, in which he said investors in the special application or feature introduced demanded tha.apny addressed a letter to Apple, saying that Apple's board of directors heintroduced a special feature or app to have around for more than $ 2 billion (2 billion Pakistani rupees) of tall letters. you have invested in the company, he asked Apple to protect children from mobile Addiction rent, which subjected the children to use smart devices to limit the time jasky.yh Read also: 10-year-old child came Fu Beat X. In addition to the use of other smart devices including iPhone, the effects of children were mentioned as mentioned. After receipt of letter letters, Apple has expressed satisfaction to introduce such features. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple said in its statement that the company always wants to develop tools that improve education, health and mental disorders in children. Apple According to the spokesperson, the company is engaged in developing such features, using their other smartphones, including their iPhone Will be able to control its control over devices. The company did not fully explain how the Apple is working on the feature, and how long will it be introduced, but the statement said that after these features the parents have their children Apple will be able to introduce features that will not allow children to access music, videos and other features of the phone, on such features of the iPhone or other smart devices. Only adult people will be able to access. Email
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According To The Cyber Crime Branch Of The Federal Investigation Agency ( Fia ) Province Sindh, People In The Province Have Increased Blackmail And Misconduct Through Social Media. According To The Fia, The Provincial Crime Branch Only In 2017 Overall 2019 Complaints Were Received From Cyber ​​crime , Out Of Which 76 Percent Of Complaints Were Related To Blackmail Or Defamation By Social Media. 
Increasing Blackmail Through Social Media In Sindh

Press Conference On The Occasion Of Issuing New Website In Sindh, Mr. Krishna Branch, Director F Iftikhar Muhammad Amir Sheikh Sheikh Said That The Least Complaints Were Received By Email Hackers. Er Ahmed Sheikh Saidblackmailed And 1592, Financial Fraud To Be Discredited By The Media Across The Province During The 2017 Cyber Crime Branch 307 While 116 Complaints Received Threatening Calls Huyyn.Yh Read: Fake In Pakistan The Way To Complain Of Social Accounts Was Received By The Iia Cyber Crime Sindh In Other Cases Including Email Hacking 186 Complaints. On This Occasion, The Fia ​​cyber Crime Sindh Prevent Cyber Crime And Immediate Reporting Of Crime In The Province. The New Website Also Introduced. Special Website Introduced By Sibir Crime Sindh ' Fiacybercrimesindh.Com.Pk People From Sindh Can Also Submit Online Reports. People From All Over The World Will Be Able To File Complaints About Every Kind Of Internet Crime, Blackmail, Threatening And Hacking Through This Website. People Of This Website Through The Sindhi, Sindhi And National Language Will Be Able To File A Report. Read More : Six Ways To Avoid Anti- Inflammatory Content On Social Media Is The First Time The Fia ​​sindh Has Introduced A Special Website For Preventing Cyber Crime And Reporting Such Crimes. And Its Subsidiarynational Response Center For Cyber Crimes (Nrc Cc) Web Site Thyn.Tahm Now Easily Conduct Complaints By The Local And National Language Through The Special Website Of The Province's Crime Branch I Will Also Be Able To File A Complaint. According To Director Siberia Crime Sindh, The Website Is Available To All Types Of Sites In All Districts Of The Province. The Complaints Will Be Filed Online. Also Read : The Dangerous Increase In Facebook's Abuse Rate In Pakistan, According To Amir Ahmad Sheikh, Will Automatically Contact The Cyber-crime Sindh Team Within 24 Hours. He Said That While Lodging A Complaint, The User Will Receive The Complaint Number On Its Registered Mobile Number, Which Means That Its Complaint Has Been Filed. According To Amir Sheikh, Cyber ​​crime Sindh Soon Complained Of Cyber Crime It Will Also Introduce Common Software To Facilitate, For Which Internet Connection Will Not Be Required. Email   
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New York : One Of The Most Famous At Some Time, But These Days Was Anonymous,
Japan's Famous Company, Sony, Samsung And Apple Are Adopting New Ways To Compete
With Smartphones. The Company Introduced The United States, "Consumer Electronics
Show" At His New Smart Phone "Express Ultra X-2". The Phone Wraps Feature A Unique
Cell Phone Feature In The Dark.  
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NEVER Assure that Loud is strong and quiet is weak. 




YOU ARE Not your PAST 

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Well After a long time Mohsin Shoukat is posting again article on Facebook bot, as many people are messaging me Sir how to active bot it’s not working why?

Facebook bot not working commenting

So as far as my knowledge and confirm by my friend Faisal Jan, Facebook Bot is no longer working because they update their security so now we can’t use it.
People who try to active bot at start their bot start commenting on your friends posts but you are detect it as robot which keep commenting on posts so to protect their network they disable your account.
Stay away from Bot so your account remain online, to avoid getting block your account confirm your account by your identity.
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php smtp email send code

This is complete working SMTP code how you can send email without server but by using existing server.

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If you mention the World richest persons often do you read or hear that about Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but here we will talk about the richest women in the world who own their own companies or their family Business is worth several million dollars.
richest women

Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and it's the world's most valued assets women history.  Queen Rania's popularity is largely due to the central role played in Education, Health and Social Services for people. Rania also came to know in the name of as best fashion understanding person.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Princess Lalla Salma
The wife of the king of Morocco and the estimated value of these assets is more than $ 2.5 billion, this means that Lalla Salma are daily can easily spend 60 million dollars 9 and that it too big !.
Watch also : Grandma Dance
Princess Lalla Salma

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel
Ameerah Al Taweel not long the only richest Muslim but also a Vice-Chairperson of Al-waleed Bin Talal Foundation. She also widely regarded as the most influential women in the Middle East. Ameerah is wife of Alwaleed bin Talal of Prince Saudi Arabia . The wife of the richest man in the Saudi royal family.

Princess Ameerah Al Taweel

Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani
Sheikha of Qatar is one of the most successful business women. The founders are the property of the Company .She is Chairperson of many companies. Almost she is carrying out their family assets worth an estimated $ 15 billion or even more.
 Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Al-Thani

Princess Hajah Hafizah Bolkiah
The Queen of Brunei and known throughout as the world for its luxurious lifestyle. You will definitely surprise after came to know that on her royal wedding more than $ 20 million spent.
  Princess Hajah Hafizah Bolkiah

Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed
An active in women's royal athlete in sports world and the overall value of these assets is $ 40 billion. She is the daughter of UAE Prime Minister and Vice President Sheikh Mohammad bin Al-Rashid Maktoum . She also win a silver medal in 2006 Games.

Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed

Sultanah Nur Zahirah
Queen of Malaysia and the wife of king Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and her wife has assets worth more than $ 15 billion. This holds massive popularity of his welfare and now a days she is Vice-Chancellor of Sultan Zainul University.

Sultanah Nur Zahirah

Princess Fathima Kulsum Zohar
Fatima Zohar Kulthum married to Saudi Arabia Sheikh Avdi Al Muhammad.And now she officially become queen. Sheikh Avdi Al Muhammad is regarded as the richest person in the world.
 Sultanah Nur Zahirah

Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser
Richest person Sheikh Hamad her second wife. Mozah is among the most influential women in the world's richest woman.Bint naseer belong to Qator and their assets worth 7 billion euros.

Sultanah Nur Zahirah

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Every company has its own business strategy to earn maximum revenue and to maintain their reputation in the market. As google smart phone so called nexus is working fine in the market and much popular among the people. Market change, things changes, technology change so to compete these updates google launch their new smart phone called google pixel phone.
Google pixel

Google is going to introduce two new smartphones. However a phone sell company in Britain published the images of these phones and features on their first advertisement page by mistakenly.
Although these details from the company      advertisement was removed, but a number of people were taken ad Screenshots.
This time Google named their smart phone Pixel rather than the nexus phone.
pixel google phone

It is first time google set their smart phone names a pixel instead of nexus google phone. Google's new smartphone are pixels and pixel x L.
Feature and Specifications
Google pixel mobile feature
  • According to leaked details Google pixel screen size to 5-inch full HD.
  • The smartphone will be installed 4 GB RAM and a processor 821 Snap dragon.
  • 2770 mAh battery.
  • The phone's front camera and 8-megapixel back camera with 12 megapixel.
  • This smartphone from 32 to 128 GB of storage.
  • Google's second phone smartphone pixel x L with a quad HD screen 5.5 inches.

  • Although the rest will be all the features of Google pixel, however, its battery will be 3450 mAh.
  • Both smartphones will be equipped with Android 7.1 operating system. On both google smart phones backside there will be fingerprint sensor.
  • Google weighs 143 grams, while the large model pixel pixel x L Weight is 168 grams.
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