Iphone news and child what doing with iphone mobile.
Leading American company Apple is accepting calls on the capital investors demand that the company is engaged in developing such features, which help children to help keep them away from the mobile phone such gy.kmpny The feature is being developed that parents will be able to keep their children away from other devices including iPhone, and they will be able to use Smart Devices for a limited time.
Apple is engaged in refusing

 Apple made this statement on January 6 by its investors. after the demand continues kya.aypl the investment companies 'Yana partners and California State teachers' (kylstrs) c Jan 6 Amb had written an online open letter, in which he said investors in the special application or feature introduced demanded tha.apny addressed a letter to Apple, saying that Apple's board of directors heintroduced a special feature or app to have around for more than $ 2 billion (2 billion Pakistani rupees) of tall letters. you have invested in the company, he asked Apple to protect children from mobile Addiction rent, which subjected the children to use smart devices to limit the time jasky.yh Read also: 10-year-old child came Fu Beat X. In addition to the use of other smart devices including iPhone, the effects of children were mentioned as mentioned. After receipt of letter letters, Apple has expressed satisfaction to introduce such features. According to Wall Street Journal, Apple said in its statement that the company always wants to develop tools that improve education, health and mental disorders in children. Apple According to the spokesperson, the company is engaged in developing such features, using their other smartphones, including their iPhone Will be able to control its control over devices. The company did not fully explain how the Apple is working on the feature, and how long will it be introduced, but the statement said that after these features the parents have their children Apple will be able to introduce features that will not allow children to access music, videos and other features of the phone, on such features of the iPhone or other smart devices. Only adult people will be able to access. Email


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