Social Media Fb , Twitter , Whatsapp Benefit Pros And Cons.
According To The Cyber Crime Branch Of The Federal Investigation Agency ( Fia ) Province Sindh, People In The Province Have Increased Blackmail And Misconduct Through Social Media. According To The Fia, The Provincial Crime Branch Only In 2017 Overall 2019 Complaints Were Received From Cyber ​​crime , Out Of Which 76 Percent Of Complaints Were Related To Blackmail Or Defamation By Social Media. 
Increasing Blackmail Through Social Media In Sindh

Press Conference On The Occasion Of Issuing New Website In Sindh, Mr. Krishna Branch, Director F Iftikhar Muhammad Amir Sheikh Sheikh Said That The Least Complaints Were Received By Email Hackers. Er Ahmed Sheikh Saidblackmailed And 1592, Financial Fraud To Be Discredited By The Media Across The Province During The 2017 Cyber Crime Branch 307 While 116 Complaints Received Threatening Calls Huyyn.Yh Read: Fake In Pakistan The Way To Complain Of Social Accounts Was Received By The Iia Cyber Crime Sindh In Other Cases Including Email Hacking 186 Complaints. On This Occasion, The Fia ​​cyber Crime Sindh Prevent Cyber Crime And Immediate Reporting Of Crime In The Province. The New Website Also Introduced. Special Website Introduced By Sibir Crime Sindh ' Fiacybercrimesindh.Com.Pk People From Sindh Can Also Submit Online Reports. People From All Over The World Will Be Able To File Complaints About Every Kind Of Internet Crime, Blackmail, Threatening And Hacking Through This Website. People Of This Website Through The Sindhi, Sindhi And National Language Will Be Able To File A Report. Read More : Six Ways To Avoid Anti- Inflammatory Content On Social Media Is The First Time The Fia ​​sindh Has Introduced A Special Website For Preventing Cyber Crime And Reporting Such Crimes. And Its Subsidiarynational Response Center For Cyber Crimes (Nrc Cc) Web Site Thyn.Tahm Now Easily Conduct Complaints By The Local And National Language Through The Special Website Of The Province's Crime Branch I Will Also Be Able To File A Complaint. According To Director Siberia Crime Sindh, The Website Is Available To All Types Of Sites In All Districts Of The Province. The Complaints Will Be Filed Online. Also Read : The Dangerous Increase In Facebook's Abuse Rate In Pakistan, According To Amir Ahmad Sheikh, Will Automatically Contact The Cyber-crime Sindh Team Within 24 Hours. He Said That While Lodging A Complaint, The User Will Receive The Complaint Number On Its Registered Mobile Number, Which Means That Its Complaint Has Been Filed. According To Amir Sheikh, Cyber ​​crime Sindh Soon Complained Of Cyber Crime It Will Also Introduce Common Software To Facilitate, For Which Internet Connection Will Not Be Required. Email   


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