Google is offering its built- in web browser built- in Chrome blocker from Chrome today ( Thursday ) , after which consumers will get saved from multiple advertisements during internet surfing .Google Chrome will end all advertisements in Chrome Not planning, but now their numbers will be very low. 

This AdBlker will be able to save the same ads that are adopted for Collation for Beat AIDS, but full-page ads, auto play audio and video ads, while Flashing A Ads by Google Chrome, as a result of Chrome AIDS, the people who are mentally intimidating people are very low. Google plans to block pop-up ads, large volume ads, auto play video ads, and downscreen advertisements with desktop computer devices. In mobile ads He wants to adopt more aggressive thinking, where pop-up ads, advertisements that appear before the content of a web site, auto play videos, big ads, animated ads, fullscreen screen ads, and more expensive advertisements will come up with this adbalker. According to the government officials, the company will follow the three-way procedure so that consumers are bad Advertising problems can be avoided. According to Google, the owners of websites will be informed about this and they will be given an opportunity to revise bad advertisements and if they violate it, then block all advertisements in this website within a month. This adobeLaker's desktop version will appear in the address bar in the Chrome version ( just as pop-up blocker icons are visible ), while mobile will appear below the screen and tell you how many advertisements have been blocked on the site. Desktop and mobile users will also have the opportunity to automatically block ads on a site. It's the goal of 42% of websites according to web ads hy.kmpny improve aydblakr has promised to improve after failing to principles of good advertising. Email 


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