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WinRAR is awesome software to compress files and folders, you can reduce the size of your files zip it and send it to your friends easily , WinRAR also provide security to your files , you can set password to your files so that unauthorized person can’t open file. File compressor helps you to send data over the internet where some of file extension are not allow like software.exe extension is not allow to send on inbox of Facebook , but by using WinRAR you compress file and then can easily send to others by using zip, rar.
WinRAR also protect your data from virus attack, files will be remain safe in zip file. Students love to use this software because when the go to photo shop for print or any other their USB data is affected by virus so they use this software and move data to USB safely.

To Download Winrar32Bit Click Here

To Download Winrar64Bit  Click Here



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