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 Flash App Spying On Your Smart Phone

Alarming News 50,000 People infected
When You Just On Your Flash Light App, it actually taking information from you like your name, you credit card number, bank account numbers, contact, you friend’s family photos, where you located.
Some One Is Spying On Your Smart Phone , I phone

I’m sure you will not allow this information to let take it.
The top ten app you download from google play store are actually spying on your smartphone.
So the question is that where this information goes
As from expert in interview this information goes to three countries China, India, and Russia.
And they may you criminal purpose but as nationally it seems great way to get information from people because everyone install app on their phone.

Solution of This Problem

  • So don’t install these app, uninstall and reset you phone because torjen and malvious running in background OS.
  • Backup your contact, gallery, and other information because resetting you phone will delete everything from your phone.
  • Before run any such type of app read the privacy terms and then allow to install on your phone.
  • Most people don’t read this info. So read before you allow any app to install it.

The Information is taken from This Interview

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