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How to Lock Your Friend Facebook Account 

Facebook is social network where people stay connect with their friends, family, class mates etc. As from start there is no such thing in this world which is fully protect everything has security issues so Facebook is also in this list .This Trick is Just for Education Purpose and For Prank.
This Trick Is 100% Working Tested By Mohsin Shoukat

In This Video I will show you how to lock you friend Facebook account by simple Trick

How to Lock Your Facebook Friend Account

Step1: Get his/hers Email id 
Step2: Get His/hers Trust and ask OLD Previous Password Not Current but old password
Step3: Try login now again and again, click on I didn't know make this change and then click on Lock My Account.
Step4: After clicking on lock my account your friend profile will be locked.

Step5: to confirm this is Id is locked or not refresh his id page or search it on Facebook you can’t find it.
Congratulation, you’re Friend Facebook Account Locked
Watch the Video to for more understanding



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