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Facebook is Social Network where people love to share the pictures, videos or any other activity related to entertainment or information. Facebook Allow you to create Group on your Facebook ID where you add all of your friends or family members and share your posts.
Add Members in Group

How To Add All of Your 5000 Friends in your Group

After creation of the Group next Task is to add all of your friends their but the problem is that if you have 5000 Friends on Facebook , you have to add all member one by one which is too much and impossible time consuming task.

So Here CS Study is for your help, to add all of your friend in group with just one click via Sir Khalil script. You can add of your 5000 friends in group in just 1 mint.

Step 1: Open Your Group or Join Our Facebook Group
Step 2: After Opening Group Page Press F12 Key on Your Key Board
Step 3: Click on Console Button
Step 4: Download Script of Member adding IN Group
Step 5 Open Script in Notepad
Step 6 Copy all words and paste in Console window of Group which is opened
Step 7 Press Enter and Click Ok, Ok Button
Step 8: You’re Friends Start Adding in Group .Enjoy
To learn more About How to add all 5000 Friends in Group Watch the Video



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