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Facebook is social network where people connect with each other, they share their daily updates by posting photos, status on it. They can also send messages through chat box services of Facebook .Facebook allow a single user to add 5000 friends on it .Otherwise we have to follow other person if he/she exceed this limit and then we can only see his/her public post. So Facebook allow such type of user who want to connect with more peoples they create group on Facebook and add all of their following friends there and they can interact there.
Remove Group Photos Once
Remove All Group Pictures

Or there is a community like Social Worker party or there is university who wants his student to group to gather so they create groups. Admin of the groups can control all activity in his group.
Suppose there is group of Name Messages where people only want to read Messages (Lovely, Romantic, and Song’s Lyrics etc.) and the Group members are 20,000,000 which is very large and difficult to handle. Members of the group only want to read status but some of the member post photos, videos, their pages, some spammer also post nude pictures, video, and then you have to filter your group and clean from such type of post.

How To Remove all Photos in Groups At Once

As the group is about sharing status not photos, deleting photos from such big group is difficult job by going one by one each photos. Facebook did not allow any option in which you mark all photos and delete it. But “Necessary is the mother of invention.” 
Removing Photos from group is very easy without clicking any photo.
Tools Need for this is

Method of removing photos in group

  • After Adding extension mention above go to group > photos, and then right click on any photo and open it in new tab.

Delete all photos in group at once

  • Navigate to Opened Photo and close all other tabs 
  • Click on upper right extension image blocker and active hit by click on it refresh page.
  • Click on imacro extension to active it and put downloaded script in 
“ Documents\iMacros\Macros ” Folder . Like This
  • Set the Repeat Macro Value and Hit Play Loop Button 

Imacro Script to Remove Facebook Group Photos

Photos from groups start removing Enjoy.

If you did not understand watch the Tutorial Video

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