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Facebook is social network where  one of the feature is we can chat to our friends by creating new message , if we want to chat with more than one person at the same time we create a group conversation by adding friends in it and now everyone can enjoy and chat with each other. But some of the user want to send message individually and don’t want to see that message to other like in group conversation every member of group can see your message.
Autoinbox to all Facebook Friends

So the scenario is that we want to send a message to all our friends and if I have friends in my Facebook list is 5000 five thousand, than it is impossible to create new message to every friend and send it one by one. So here is the solution where we can sent message to friends automatically without touching my keyboard.
auto inbox facebook

  • Add this Extension to your browser Facebook Social Toolkit
  • Click on Send Message to All Friends
  • Write your Message and set the interval mean delay time between messages
  • And Hit the Send Message Button
Congratulant your message start sending to your friends automatically, to confirm it open a new tab and see your inbox.
For more learning watch the Video

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