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Your friend have a smart phone which cost is around ten thousand to twenty thousand depend on company model and he/she really enjoying. But you have not plenty of money that you can purchase an android phone and enjoy its feature. No problem there are plenty of ways that you can use android phone without purchasing it.
First of all your need a Personal Computer PC or Laptop
Method Use Phone On Pc

Method 1 Using Smart Phone On PC

Many company providing software which are like same smart phone.
Genymotion is one of the method to use smart phone on your pc.
It is a software in which you create a different virtual machine choice depend on you which android version you want to use.
I create Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S4. It mean I’m using these two phone on to my pc .
genymotion emulatorusing mobile on pc

Download this software From Here. Install it and select your mobile phone and use your own smart phone. Download play store app, games, and movies all like mobile. Use what’s app, Facebook twitter .But you can’t make phone call because sim card is not inserted in it. But you can use Skype, viber and all other feature.

Method 2 Using Smart Phone On PC

Blue stack is software you just download from HERE and install it like a whole tablet into your pc. Where you enjoy all of its feature. Very famous android emulator around 109 Million User. Use what’s app, movies, play subway surface games. you can control anything by your mouse like your finger on mobile screen .
bluestack on pc for smart phone

but little bit problem using bluestacks is that it required a lot of hardware like too much ram and cpu uses which make your computer slow I personally recommend you use Genymotion that’s why I set it on Method 1
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