How to stop someone's from stealing your Wifi - Wifi Kill. How to hack someone wifi ? How to stop someone's internet . How to block someone form using internet? How to use wifi kill ? What is wifi Kill ? How Wifi Kill Works?

Hi Friends Today I have come with an amazing tutorial.In this tutorial I'll teach you that how you can stop someone's from stealing your Wifi .It means that if someone is using your Wifi you can easily block him by using just a simple app of android ! The name of this app is Wifi Kill .Initially this app was available on the play store buy now they have deleted this app because of its misuse .Thousand of people is using this app at now .Because with the help of this you can easily stop any one from  using your Wifi.So just follow these steps to kill some one from your Wifi :-
How to stop someone's from stealing your Wifi - Wifi Kill

  • First of all you need to download this app .You can not download this app from the Play Store because this app is not available on the Play Store .So download this app just use the link given below :


                          How to stop someone's from stealing your Wifi - Wifi Kill

  • Now this will be an apk file .So you have to install it on your android phone .Just move the file into your phone and click on the install !That's all you app has been installed now .
  • Now the next step is to connect you Wifi.Just turn on your Wifi & enter the pass to connect it !
  • Now you have to run this app .Allow the app .Then tap on the scan button present at the top of this app .
  • This app will show the persons who are using your Wifi at that time !
  • Now you have to select your victim .Then tap on it .After this you will see the the kill button at the bottom side of this app .Just tap this .
  • Now your victim may be connected to your Wifi .But he can not use your internet .Mean to say that his speed will be 0kb/s :P .
  • So enjoy ! Note : No rooted android phones are required for this app .This is a simple app .You can use it easily .
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