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Accept all Pending Request on Facebook with One Click
Join Facebook and start using it but with the passage of time my Facebook profile become famous and I start getting more and more friend request daily almost 200 request per day but I can’t accept all pending request but too difficult I have to go one by one and accept each request which take too much times and too much boring so I skip checking notification bar of friend request , now I want to accept all pending friend request and want to increase my friend list and want to add new members in it so here it is the best tutorial to do this

  • Just install this toolkit Facebook social toolkit
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to friend request tab
  • Hit the social toolkit icon on the right upper side of your browser
  • Launch the toolkit and click on accept all friend request
  • When it display the language message box then just click on it will open a new tab  , here again do that process launch the toolkit and click on accept all friend request , you all pending request will be accept within 1 click and in one second
  • Enjoy this Facebook trick when you have 900, 2000 friend request then it’s awesome for you

Watch the video given below for more understanding

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