How To Set CronJobs Freely - 2016 New Method - How use free cronjobs ? How to get free cronjobs ! Free Cronjobs ! Cronjobs for free !
Hi friends today I will teach to you that how you can set your cronjobs for the bot site .All of you know that have turned off the feature of the free 7 Days Trail .So how you can set now the cronjobs ? In  this tutorial you will know that how you can get free cronjobs.This method is also free method so just follow me : -

  1. First of all you have to open this link :- .
  2. Now you have to wait for 5 seconds .
  3. Then click on the skip Ad on the top of  Right side .

  4. Now a site will open .
  5. From this site you can easily get free cronjobs !
  6. Now you have to sign in .
  7. If you do not have any account then sign up here .

  8. Just click on the Sign up !
  9. Now enter the require Details .

  10. Now you will enter the website and it will ask you the password .
  11. Keep in mind this password will be "ashir" .

  12. So enter this password !
  13. Now you will see the landing page .
  14. Now click on the " New Cronjobs "

  15. Now click on Save !
  16. That's all You cronjobs has been saved !
  17. If you have any Problem then contact with the us ! Or Comment Below !
  18. Thanks For Visiting ! Further Detail Watch the video given below !




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