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Many Facebook user message me on my Facebook ID that my bot is not working why? I did everything you teach in your bot making post. But still bot is not working, ok here today I’ll try my best to answer all of your query in this article.
Q: what is bot?
Answer: read this article what is bot
Why My Facebook Bot is Not Working

Q: I paste token it saying invalid Token ?
Answer: use new IOS token or HTC token, your old token is expire,Learn from  how to get token learn .
Q: My bot is not working only 4-5 likes then off not doing comments?
Answer: Your bot is not working because you did not set corn job correctly or your comments are block that’s why bot is not working.
Q: what is user robot showing at the bottom of the bot site?
Answer: user robot are member which are using bot site ,if user robot is 0 then no one using bot site if it is 1,2,3 or sometimes 100+ then bot is working and people are enjoying it .

Q: My Bot site is working but when I try to active my friend bot by pasting token in it, all user robot become zero and bot off?
Answer: it also happen to me when my bot site working User robot are 17-20 and I try to add new member then user robot become 0 and bot off . Many reason may be that user friend list too short like 10-20 friends that why, reason may be comment block of that user, or token of that user causes to off bot.

Q: Simple Question My bot is not working why?
Answer: I did everything ok but still bot not working why , the answer is that may be your bot script is not correct try any other bot script , download my working BOT script from here.
Q: why my bot site suspended?
Answer: Hostbuddy not allowing to free trial user to use Facebook bot on their site so that’s why your Bot site suspended. Try using other free hosting if you are free user .otherwise no problem if you are paid user.
Q: how to make personal bot site?
Answer: I share method learn it from here, Make personal Facebook botsite
Q: Bot bnna sikha do Bhai ?
Anwar: see this video how to make bot
Q: what is ios token and how to get it?
Answer: see this how to copy token and send it to other

Q: is using Bot make my id Block?
Answer: no, I’m using Facebook Bot 1 year ago nothing happened to my id at all
Q: Please make bot site for me?
Answer: I can’t make bot site, method is given and my email id is already associated with my hosting account so I can’t make bot site for you, learn it and make yourself own.
Q: how to check my bot is working or not?
Answer: see this video regarding my bot is working or not.
Q: how to activate bot from your bot user friend?   
Answer simple send ios token to his/her. How to send ios token learn from here what is token and send it to your friend. Then he/she will active bot for you
Q: when i active bot my Facebook id logout automatically and showing security check what is this?
Answer: Don’t worry after pasting token and sending token to your friend your id logout automatically nothing to worry about just login again click continue ,continue and skip button and get a new token and send it again then you bot start working .
Q: Send me your bot site?
Answer: bot site is private and public, people who have public bot site they share in there bot comments otherwise no one share his/her bot site to other.
Q: what is mean by Bot on Fire?
Answer: Laugh :D Nothing on Fire , it is just excitement mean my bot is working and I’m enjoying now .


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