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Facebook liker wants to get stylish and bot comments on their profile picture that’s why they create Facebook bot. In previous lecture you learn about what is Facebook bot. In this article you will learn about hosting sites which support Facebook bot. Every hosting not support Facebook bot because the bot script not execute on their server which causes bot problems to run on it. And your bot token start getting expire again and again.


Many hosting’s support bot, here I will share those sites which I personally use and work well. For those who not know about what is Hosting. Hosting is just like you are using a server just like computer but it has a lot of services which is providing to you by their server owner. These server are 24/7 available for your work.
Some of freely available hosting sites are you can visit.

·         Nazuka
·         Move.pk
·         Base.pk
·         Hostbuddy    
·         Myasp.net    
·         Bytehost
·         2FreeHosting
·         1Freehosting
Enjoy using these sites but on trial base for 60 days’ time duration. Every site have their trail period to get full access and more use you have to buy it otherwise you can create multiple account on one hosting to cover up this problem.
You can create bot freely on these hosting sites and enjoy your personal bot comments powered by you.
For those who want to use paid hosting this is the short list I only know fews if you have knowledge about more hosting you can comment below this post I’ll update this article for other readers.
·         Namecheap
·         Godaddy
·         1and1
·         Mochahost

Benefit for paid hosting is that these have cron job scheduler in their hosting. They can set cronjob on it without using any third site or other method.
In the next post of the bot making course you will learn complete about how to make Facebook bot on free hosting 2freehosting.

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