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Everyone is have how know about what is Facebook bot and how it’s work and which hosting sites support it. In this article you are going to learn about bot making on 2freehosting site which support bot and still works and not stop by Facebook bot scam which is clearly shown on hostbuddy site they will suspend your site if you create on it.

2freehosting bot
Following Things are needed to make bot on this free hosting site.
You need an Email address. If you have not any email address visit how you can create multiple emails.
Step by step Method for you to make Auto Stylish Bot Comments.

  • Go to 2freehosting sites on signup page.
  • Fill your first and second name.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Give a unique password.
  • Type verification code and press signup.
  • And confirmation mail will be send to your given email check inbox and confirm it.
  • After successful confirmation .you will see a window enter your domain name like website address which will be your bot site for example mohsinbot.
  • Enter password and enter security code. Click okay.
  • Wait a little bit until it complete its installation on server for you. Refresh the page and click on switch button.
  • You will see number of icons. Find file manager icon and click ok.
  • Click on Install English language and wait, a window will appear here you need a bot script files. You can download my BOT SCRIPT.
  • After you have both index.php and value.php bot script files upload it on file manager.
  • Open your bot site url. Set cron job on it .
  • To set cron job on your site for example mohsinbot.
  • You have multiple methods for this.
See More: how you can set cron job without any website.
  • After setting cronjob get ios token and paste in your bot site and click submit.
  • Check the activity log of your Facebook ID. Your bot start working. Congratulation!
  • You successfully make a bot site freely.

  • In the next Lecture we will discuss about Problems regarding Facebook bot. why my Facebook bot not working and their solution.

Thank You Hope you enjoy this course.
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