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Welcome to our Blogging course I am Mohsin Shoukat who are going to teach you about blogging from start to the end. The knowledge which I have I try my best to guide you and after watching my videos you can easily make your own blog freely and then convert that blog to your website.

First of all let me tell you about which is blog and what is website?

Blog is a simple page on which you share your post content and things. And the url of your blog is in this form url. blogspot. com . whereas a website is self-own domain which is registered by you and the website url looks like url .com .

  • To make a blog first of you need a google account .sign up on google account.
  • Now open the google home page and click on thumbnail icon and navigate to blogger icon.

  • After this you will see blogger .com Home Page. Here we are going to work in all of this course and this is the home Page of our Blogger.
  • To create a new blog click on the New Blog. And a window will show enter the Title of your blog which will show at the top of the browser tab.
  • And now type the address of your blog and find it’s availability.
  • Chose theme and click on create blog button.
  • Now you will see a complete dash board of you newly created blog.
  • Type your url on the browser and open it, you will see a basic home page of your site.
  • To post any article and the information you want to share with your friends go back to your dash board and click on create new post.
  • Here you will see a complete a form type page where different option are showing.
  • Enter the title of your Post .write about your article which you are going to post.
  • Type its category which will be set in Label box.
  • You can choose the schedule of the post when it will be posted if you want to share this on specific date.
  • You can also choose your post location, you post will be shown only at that country.
  • Click on insert Picture button find picture from your computer and upload it.
  • Save it and mange it like small, large, its properties.
  • You can also link your post to other article or any other website.

  • Select the text you want to link Click on Link button. And type your url that you want to link. Which mean when a user click on this text that website will be open.
  • Publish you post and view it by clicking on View Blog Button show at the top of the blogger dashboard.
  • Now we are going to play with some gadget click on the layout navigation of the blog at the left side.
  • Click on Add gadget. Here you will see freely provided gadget which will increase your site functionality.
  • Find a page view gadget, select your style and save it. And refresh you blog.
  • Now it is shown on your site. Now we are going to add our google plus profile into blog.
  • Go to layout select the place of the gadget you want to show. Click on add gadget and find about me gadget save it and refresh site.     
  • For navigation purpose of your site you need a gadget name blog archive add it simply.
  • Each site and blog have a specific logo. Design your logo. Go to layout
  • And in header tab of the layout click on it write about your blog description select your logo and save it. View your blog by refreshing it.
And here you go You Did it.
This is our first post about blogging. In this post we learn about create a blog, how to write a blog post. How you can add a blog navigation on your site.
Add about your google plus profile on site. What is page views and how to add this gadget freely on you blog home page. We see our blog dashboard and its setting. In next post we are going to learn more about blogging.
If you have any problem comment below.

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