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Every students or internet user want to earn money via doing working online. Students and basic home user can earn money from different methods. Benefits of internet will be more good if you spend time on earning instead of wasting you valuable time on internet by using Facebook, twitter or any other activity. there is nothing waste full of you  if you are not doing any good activity which gives you power to think more and make your precious time useful may be that times gives you something new in which you invent something .many tricks and tips are just like they are invented accidently or any other incident.

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Many methods are there you can earn money by doing online work and you get pay by your work. YouTube is video sharing site and every one can sign up freely make an account and can earn money. You don’t have to be much knowledge about this. If a person is not good in English language but know how to use internet and computer then he/she can do this easily.
For earning money online via YouTube you need some of these things.
  • Computer with internet connection.
  • A YouTube account if you have not then sign up.
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  • Upload videos on internet that videos should be made by you and have not any copy right.
  • Apply for monetization .monetization mean your videos will be start counting views and you start getting money when someone watch ads or click ads on your YouTube videos.
  • Now the question is how to enable for monetization.
  • You can enable monetization easily click on your YouTube setting
  • Then click on view advance feature and you will see your account status. It must be in good standing .here you will see monetization written click enable for monetization.
  • It will redirect you to new tab. keep following instruction.
  • It will also ask you about how you will be get payment by YouTube. For this you have to sing up for google AdSense account.
  • Sign up on google AdSense and attach it with your YouTube account. Here you go! Now start uploading videos more and more YouTube. Share videos
  • Your videos will get views and you will be earn by these views.
  • To check you’re earning keep visiting your YouTube dashboard.
  • And login to google AdSense account for checking your RPM. Pages views and earning.


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