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If you want to be safe on Facebook or any other social network then these things you should not post. These factors must keep in mind before posting anything on Facebook or any other website it might be dangerous for you. For your safety and privacy we are giving some guideline that you must read.

Thing carefull on social media

As everyone love to share things among friends and where social media has several advantages, there are also negative aspects and misuse of it. Today, most people share their daily life routines on social media which causes harm to them. Because each person's movements and purchases, as it becomes aware of personal tasks which mean you are violation your own privacy and let other to enter into your house.
If you want to save 5 things we will tell you that you probably never share on Facebook or any social media website.
The First thing keep in mind that do not ever share it on Facebook when you leave and when you return to your home. Because once they know the routine by vandals in the absence of your home they can make any kind of incident which causes money or any other lose. Safety and security first keep in mind.

Second thing never share your information about shopping on any social media, it has to be a measure of your financial status and income. And they know that it is such a valuable thing you have brought home buying and it also cause to increase jealousy between your friends and families.

Third thing do not ever share the place of your presence home hotel or school on social media especially on Facebook. This also may be in trouble so always keep your location mode turn off on social media biggest security for you.
traveling status

On the number four have a look at this before putting anything to share. Well and make sure that after it will not become a source of trouble for you or your family members. Also for your friend safety. They might track your friends through you.

Fifth and last guide for your privacy and security on social media like Facebook , twitter Never mention your relatives, not write your children names on any post, and do not let them tag. 
mention friend

Do not share photos of their children, which makes possible easily to verify their identity via college name, such as a photo taken in school uniform.


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