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This post is about CV writing for all of student job seeker for them here is little tip for CV writing. We are not going to detail about CV writing .I’m writing in those days a book. And one of the chapter is about CV writing and I’m going to talk on it. 
cv writting
I want to ask you something just simple question. People paid me to correct their CV. You see newspaper what is the most expensive ad and what is it’s’ location on the page. Answer is Front page. That ad is not also on full page but only on the top or side of the paper. Which you can say is the eyes of the newspaper and expenses ads are place their by news advertiser.
First when you see newspaper your automatically focus on these attractive ads then their see newspaper name then start main things heading and news.
And after that you swamp pages to read it.
Same is like about CV writing
One more thing! If you can’t sell yourself you can’t success think about it?
Everyone in this world selling himself i.e father to his child, husband to wife, every one selling himself which may be any of your skills.
If someone say I’m not good seller then he is laying because everyone selling himself from the start when you’re born. You may be good or bad or have not skill in it. But this is another percept. Any ways let skip this and talk about CV writing.
Many People write their CV and they write everything on it  first name father name married status etc. And I told you the most attractive area which I discuss with you and man by watching that area can easily judge whether I should hire this man for job or not.

If I want to hire someone I will first focus on this area but some people write their CV in two or three pages and we have to consume time to read it. Which show bad impact  



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