Life on internet how we doing with our life whats going on people minds.
As The Use Of Facebook Is Increasing Worldwide, The Way Cyber Crime Is Increasing,
Especially Despite The Law In Pakistan, It Is Not Being Used By Facebook And
Computer To Make New Generations More Than Fifty Years. Most People Do Not
Use Computer Smartphones, While The Ones Themselves Are Confessing That 27
Million Fake Facebook Accounts Were Made Last Year , No Action Was Taken
Against Those Using Fraudulent Facebook Accounts. Their Accounts Were Blocked
While The Number Of Fraudulent Accounts Created Due To These Fake Accounts,
The Increase In Cyber-crime Imports Is Increasing Even If The Use Of Facebook
Accounts Is Correct, Not Only The Unemployed People Will Be Easy To Acquire,
But Also The Business Can Be Done By Millions Of Rupees And What Is Going
On Like It Is Being Used For Buying And Selling From Online Booths And Especially
Those Who Are Special For Some Reason Or Special Children Yes, They Can Also
Get Jobs By Using It And Education As Well As Social Media Electronic And There
Is Also An Excellent Source Of Media For People Who Could Not Even Reach Their
Own Through Newspapers And Television,
Damages From The Benefits Of Social Media And Its Misuse

They Now Support Social Media, Including Facebook, Twitter, Watts App, Instagram
And More. Social Media Has Become The World's Powerful Media Since The Use
Of These Resources Puts Its Stand In Front Of The World And Millions Of People
Live In Contact With Each Other, Abuse Of These Sources Instead Of Improving
The Society Harmony Proves New Generation That Is More Active Than Its Own
In It Sector Where Its Excessive Supplements There Is Also Problems For This, Due
To This Mobile And Facebook, People Are Getting Away From Their Families At
Home, While Living In Close Proximity To People Outside The Society Due To
Change In Society Having Often Family Having A Place To Call Your Own Is
Mobile Linked The Falling Due To The Close Relationship It Department Suspicion
Will Bring Revolutionary Changes In The 21st Century, But We Ourselves In Their
Lives We Need To Bring Disassembly So That We Can Use It Wisely And Maximize
The Use Of It. For The Full Understanding Of This Is Important In People, Especially
In Children And Children, Who Do Not Have Much Knowledge About Social Medicine
Or Excessive Awareness About Their Disadvantages, So That They Can Avoid Its
Implications As It Is Very Important. It Has To Be Noted That When Using Facebook,
Wats App And Other Applications Such As Instagram, It Should Be Used Uninterrupted
As A Matter Of Concern Can Make You Suspect Cyber Crime. The Administration
Should Introduce Such Feature Through Which Fake Fees Are Likely To Be Identified
And The Facebook Account Nats Can Not Be Made To Implement The Implementation
Of Cyber Crime Law In Pakistan To Overcome Cyber Crime, By Using Proper Social
Media Media To Eliminate Unemployment From The Country To Develop The Country
And Prosperity. He Is Unable To Make More Than 10 Percent For Various Reasons In
The World That Can Stand On Its Own Feet Using Social Media And What They Earn
Business By Zrmbadlh Millions Of Dollars For Computers Through Social Media And
There Are Millions Of Rupees On Media Media Exchanges, While A Girl Sitting In A
House Like India Is Sitting At Home Gill Media Is Making Up To98 Dollars Via Giant
Media If Pakistan Government Gives Special Attention To This Sector Like Other Sectors,
Pakistan Can Also Progress In This Sector - To Inform The Public About Social Media
In Pakistan. So Domestic Industries Can Also Grow And Women Can Market Their Own
Handheld Craft, Handbags, Shoes, Clothes And Other Household Items By Selling Them.



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